Inner Child

A little girl sits alone on a bed, her knees to her chest, her tears starting to flow, staring blankly ahead, releasing her fears, remembering her past and grieving the future she will never know.

The love she has felt, the love she has freely given, the loves she has said her goodbyes to and the love she will never feel.

The joy, the laughter, the friends along the way, the memories she has made and the ones she will never get to see.

This little girl grieves the life she once pictured and never had the chance to live, she begins to let go of her childhood hopes and wishes, to make space for new dreams, a life still full of joy, just looking slightly different than what she seen all those years ago.

Her heart aches and her sobs increase, tears now streaming from her small eyes, all the way down her tiny little checks.

This little girl knows there will be joy again, one day, someday, but first, she must let go, let go of all that is holding her captive in her own grief, to find her story that can be told another way.

As she begins to let go, to open her heart, mind and soul to a new life, her tears begin to fade and her heart aches a little less.

When this little girl straightens, she feels empowered and full of strength, she smiles, gently, acknowledging all that she has let go and all the joyful moments her new story will live, without the heavy sadness lingering in her soul.

How do I know all of this, because you see, this little girl is me…..and I AM SHE.

Milinda from Essence and Soul, Holistic Therapy in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

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