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Inner Child

A little girl sits alone on a bed, her knees to her chest, her tears starting to flow, staring blankly ahead, releasing her fears, remembering her past and grieving the future she will never know. The love she has felt, the love she has freely given, the loves she has said her goodbyes to and…

Down to earth….

Bring me down to earth………. Bring me down to earth, where the rainbows are so bright you can grasp all of its mystical colours, the smell in the country air after it has rained or to breathe in the scent of the one I love. Keep me on earth to see the wonder in children’s…

Judging Pain

Ask yourself….Do I judge others pain? The past three years have been a struggle, a battle of masks, mandates, segregation of friends, family and to be blunt, entire humankind with a them and us mentality created by some and fueled by the media, among others. One aspect of this I have witnessed firsthand is the…

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