Inner Child

A little girl sits alone on a bed, her knees to her chest, her tears starting to flow, staring blankly ahead, releasing her fears, remembering her past and grieving the future she will never know. The love she has felt, the love she has freely given, the loves she has said her goodbyes to andContinue reading “Inner Child”

The Baby Train……

Fertility Journey 2.0…. continued December 2021, marked 12 years since my first miscarriage. If you have followed my journey so far then you know it hasn’t been easy with many miscarriages, failed IVF treatments and trying so many different ways to not only get pregnant but to stay pregnant too. I have always found journalingContinue reading “The Baby Train……”

Fertility Week NZ

6-12 September 2021 Infertility, a topic that is now starting to see some light as woman find the courage to share their fertility stories, some have a happy ending, some are still trying and others are at the end of their trying to conceive journey. I don’t use the word journey lightly, as for some, itContinue reading “Fertility Week NZ”