Down to earth….

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Bring me down to earth……….

Bring me down to earth, where the rainbows are so bright you can grasp all of its mystical colours, the smell in the country air after it has rained or to breathe in the scent of the one I love.

Keep me on earth to see the wonder in children’s eyes, the beauty in the landscape, the touch of the one who loves me back and all the little things I often take for granted.

Let me stay awhile longer, to accomplish my goals and appreciate what I have already achieved, let me hold the preciousness of life in my womb and in my arms to absorb the miracle of life and the purity of love.

I am on earth, I can sense the emotions of others, the ones I love and the ones they love. I can feel so much of their pain and heartache in my own being that I know where I am, I am on earth, I am living and I have the gift of life.

I am alive; I choose to be on earth for as long as I shall be allowed. To love and be loved, to live and to learn, to fall and rise up again and if not just for me but for the ones I love and that love me.

A poem by M Higgins

Grounding yourself when life is out of your control

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