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Why Essential Oils ?

I have been a doTERRA Wellness Advocate since May 2015, each year that I have been with this wonderful company it has grown so much and added so many beautiful oils and products to the range. doTERRA essential oils are more than just a lovely aroma to add to your home, they have so many health benefits also! Creating calm, relaxation, cleaning and so much more.

Essential Oils have been used for century’s, from medicinal use to spiritual ceremony and personally have been a large part of my wellness journey.

So what are you waiting for ? come on a wellness journey with me !

Love & Light,

Milinda X

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Quality Matters

doTERRA pride themselves on only allowing pure essential oils in the bottle!

doTERRA’s oil quality starts long before the seeds are planted. We partner with the farmers and teach them everything they need to know to be a successful farmer.

Source to you

Source to you is an amazing website that you can check every bottle for quality. Simply check the Batch ID on the bottom of your bottle, enter it in and all information will pop up, transparent as that!

Co-Impact Sourcing

What does this mean ? It means working with communities to ensure they are paid fairly, paid on time and have everything they need to not only grow pure plants BUT to have access to clean water, shelter and medical supplies.

We prepay our farmers so they let their plants grow the correct amount of time so we can guarantee we are harvesting the plants at their prime. doTERRA has taught these farmers the proper way of harvesting and distilling, ensuring that we are getting the best quality of essential oil along the way.


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